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Migration, Human Dislocation, and Mission Accountability

The theme of the Korean Global Mission Leadership Forum this year is “Migration, Human Dislocation, and Mission Accountability.” Research Professor Jon Bonk will chair the executive meeting in New Haven on February 20th in preparation for the fourth meeting of the Korean Global Mission Leadership Forum, scheduled for Sokcho in South Korea, November 7-10. The papers […]

Churches in Change

Dr. Karen B. Westerfield Tucker, CGCM faculty associate, will be giving the keynote address at the Stockholm School of Theology (TEOLOGISKA HÖGSKOLAN STOCKHOLM) on February 3. This is address is part of a one-day research conference on “Churches in Change” as part of the school’s collaboration with the Uniting Church (Equmeniakyrkan) in Sweden, a merger between the […]

Christian-Muslim Relations

Dr. Nimi Wariboko, CGCM faculty associate and Walter G. Muelder Professor of social ethics, will give a plenary address titled “Christian-Muslim Relations and the Ethos of State Formation in West Africa” at Fuller Theological Seminary on November 3, 2016. A blog post previewing the conference can be found here. You can learn about the lectures […]

Bartolome de Las Casas

On October 7-8, 2016, a conference on “Bartolomé de Las Casas: History, Philosophy, & Theology in the Age of European Expansion​” was held at Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island. The event was organized by Dr. David Orique of Providence College and BU Associate Professor Rady Roldán-Figueroa to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the Order […]

A Global Church Divided?

The Atlantic ran an article on the challenge of being a global church. In an interview with CGCM Director, Dana Robert, the magazine explored the complexity of holding together a diverse body with an essentially democratic polity. Currently, the United Methodist Church is struggling with the question of whether gay and lesbian people can be ordained in the church, and […]

Mission and Friendship

On March 30th, Dana Robert delivered the annual Donald A. Yerxa Lecture in History at Eastern Nazarene College. She probed the role of “Cross-Cultural Christian Friendships in the Age of Nationalist Revolution, 1950s-1970s,” asserting that these close connections were costly in the midst of shifting political arrangements, but that they were important reminders that Christianity was a […]