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Dr. Nimi Wariboko Quoted in Christianity Today Article

On May 29, Christianity Today featured a story discussing the limitations of the term “pentecostal” in describing various Christian groups worldwide.  The article focused on discussion surrounding the decision of the editors of the new edition of the World Christian Encyclopedia, co-edited by STH alumna Dr. Gina Zurlo, to refer to these groups as “Spirit-empowered” […]

CGCM Faculty Associate Jeremy Menchik Receives Tenure

Professor Jeremy Menchik at the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies has just been promoted to Associate Professor, with tenure. He studies comparative politics, focusing on the role of religion in politics and civil society, including Muslim societies in Indonesia, global Christian missionary activity, and Wilsonianism. He has authored a book, Islam and Democracy in Indonesia: […]

New Book: A History of West Central Africa to 1850

In his latest book, John Thorton has done substantial new research in primary sources and archives, to create an accessible interpretative history of West Central Africa from earliest times to 1852. He gives comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the region with equal focus given to both internal histories or inter-state interactions and external dynamics and relationships. […]

New Book: The Split Economy

In his new book, The Split Economy, Nimi Wariboko looks closely at the ethical challenge of capitalism. Others have named injustice, inequality, repression, exploitative empires, and capitalism’s psychic hold over all of us, as the central problem. Nimi Wariboko instead argues that the core ethical problem of capitalism lies in the split nature of the modern economy, […]

Telescope and Microscope

One of the challenges of global history is to bridge the particularities of individual lives and trajectories with the macro-historical patterns that develop over space and time. Italian micro-history, particularly popular in the 1980s–1990s, has excavated the lives of small communities or individuals to test the findings of serial history and macro-historical approaches. Micro-history in […]

The Habit that Hides the Monk

Professor Eugenio Menegon has recently published an article on missionaries and clothing in China. “‘The Habit That Hides the Monk’: Missionary Fashion Strategies in Late Imperial Chinese Society and Court Culture.” In Catholic Missionaries in Early Modern Asia: Patterns of Localization, edited by Nadine Amsler, Andreea Badea, Bernard Heyberger, and Christian Windler. London: Routledge, 2019