Sung-Deuk Oak edits five volume Horace Grant Underwood and Lillias Horton Underwood Papers

A fifth volume of Horace Grant Underwood and Lillias Horton Underwood Papers was published by Yonsei University Press in February 2010. H. G. Underwood was the first American clerical missionary to Korea in 1885. The five volume series is edited by Sung-Deuk Oak, assistant professor of Korean Christianity at UCLA. The Papers cover all the primary sources (letters, reports, magazine articles, addresses) written by Mr. and Mrs. Underwood in 1885-1921. The books has both the English texts and their Korean translations with footnotes. Orders should be sent to or fax 01182-2-2123-3380-2. See

Vol.1 1885-1892; 761 pages (Seoul : YSUP, 2005) ISBN 89-7141-637-8
Vol.2 1893-1900; 747 pages (Seoul : YSUP, 2006) ISBN 89-7141-741-2
Vol.3 1901-1908: 689 pages (Seoul : YSUP, 2007) ISBN 978-89-7141-811-6
Vol.4 1909-1913: 837 pages (Seoul : YSUP, 2009) ISBN 978-89-7141-887-1
Vol.5 1914-1921. 747 pages (Seoul : YSUP, 2010) ISBN 978-89-7141-909-0

The set: ISBN 89-7141-636-X