Human Trafficking Conference

CCARHT 2019 Symposium
Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking
@ Centre for Social Innovation
Judge Business School
University of Cambridge
1st – 5th July
The several Rs of Trafficking
(6th July Research Day – for rising academics)
The CCARHT Summer Symposium is up and running. Here at the Centre we are busy assembling a powerful set of speakers to address the themes evoked by the Several Rs of Trafficking .
What relation do Refugee flows within the mix of Global migrations play in the building of Human Trafficking vulnerabilities,
How are people Recruited into trafficking relationships and what role does Awareness Raising play if any?
What are the Rights of those who are gathered out of the Mediterranean as they leave the shores of Libya in the torrid seascape of the Law of the Sea?
How are we protecting those who Register their desire for asylum as ‘outsourcing’ of European border control pushes southwards?
What are the challenges for those who are Recovered from Trafficking networks and locations of exploitation for long term psychological recovery?
How are people who have experienced Trafficking Abuse Represented and incorporated into protective and recovery processes?
What role are Religious communities playing, and what are some of the Risks and Opportunities here for governments to harness as well as secure appropriate protection and guidance.
Is there a Race card which is playing through counter trafficking work and inhibiting appropriate safeguarding by States? How does Ethnicity and Race work in the processes of vulnerability to co-option and exploitation?.
What are the Risks and Rewards which face those who get involved in Trafficking ‘entrepreneurship’ and why does it matter for governments to understand these dynamics?
Just some of the questions being explored by leading academics, along with government advisers and policy makers, prosecutors and police, gathered from the UK, Europe, North Americas, Asia and Africa for this annual exploration into some of the prevailing and tough questions which require further exploration and enquiry, and some onward Recommendations .
Want to be a part of the thinking and deliberations of this significant Think Tank event packing a global punch? Register now while the Early Bird special is on and get your team set up for its work into 2020 with a powerful network of colleagues who will be assembled at the Judge Business School in the University of Cambridge for the week of 1st – 5th July 2019.
Register today for the Symposium here and let your colleagues know by forwarding this link .

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