Works of Hanserd Knollys

Roldan-200x300Dr. Roldán-Figueroa, CGCM faculty associate, recently published the first volume of the Collected Works of Hanserd Knollys: Pamphlets on Religion (Mercer University Press, 2017). Together with Dr. William Pitts (Department of Religion, Baylor University), Roldán-Figueroa has collected, edited, and annotated some of the seminal pamphlets that defined seventeenth-century English Baptists. Hanserd Knollys was a Baptist minister who after a brief sojourn in Boston, returned to England and was part of some of the theological and confessional debates that defined Baptists in relation to Presbyterians, Congregationalists, and Quakers. The volume is part of the series Early English Baptist Texts, edited by Roldán-Figueroa and Dr. Douglas Weaver (Department of Religion, Baylor University).

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