Andrew Walls Centre for the Study of African and Asian Christianity International Conference


The year 2017 sees the 500th anniversary of events often seen as initiating the Protestant Reformation. The years that followed saw a series of spiritual movements, some among Catholics, and some among Protestants that brought renewal to the Western Church. In the course of their long histories, African and Asian Christianity have also experienced movements that sought reform and renewal in the Church. In the early centuries, the young Coptic layman Antony, seeking to be a perfect disciple of Christ, inaugurated a new era of Christian spirituality, and the early Syriac church hosted the movement of consecrated young people that became the Children of the Covenant.  Later centuries were to witness the monastic revivals in Ethiopia, the twentieth the East African Revival, new devotional movements in the Chinese churches and the remarkable response to such figures as John Sung in South East Asia. Some movements sought greater cultural authenticity, some sought fuller engagement with the principalities and powers at work in society, some brought fresh affirmation to neglected doctrines or forgotten Biblical themes; some recall Antony’s quest of perfect discipleship. Some have been shared with the Western world and interacting with it. The modern charismatic movement is worldwide, and early Pentecostalism found expression in India, China and Korea as well as in USA; others have been purely local in scope. Together they form a highly significant element in the Christian story.

For the 2017 international conference of the Centre, papers are invited on any aspect of movements of reformation, revival and renewal in African and Asian Christianity. Please email a 300-word abstract of your proposed paper before Friday 17 March 2017 to Professor Daniel Jeyaraj ( By the end of March 2017, the Conference Committee will inform those whose papers are selected for presentation at the Conference.

Specially subsidized rates are available for both speakers and participants. Online booking will start on 28 February 2017. Early Bird Rate of GBP 160/- (arrival on 9 June 1017 and departure on 11 June 2017, registration feel, accommodation in single en-suit rooms in Hope Park, all meals and refreshments) is available until 28 April 2017. Then the Standard Rate of GBP 175/- will apply. Early Bird Rate GBP 110/- (arrival on 9 June 1017 and departure on 11 June 2017, registration feel, accommodation in single en-suit rooms in Hope Park, all meals and refreshments) is available until 28 April 2017 for postgraduate / doctoral research students, and those speakers / participants, who come directly from Africa and Asia. Then the Standard Rate of GBP 125 will apply. Day Participants will pay GBP 30/-. It includes registration, meals, and refreshments. All reservations, particularly for accommodation, will follow the principle of ‘first-come-first-served.’ For easy and quick online payment, The Hope Store has set up a special account: Reformation-Revival & Renewal Movements in Africa Conference. In case, if this link does not work in some places, please email your reservation preferences to Prof. Jeyaraj ( and then pay the amount on your arrival. If necessary, you can contact Miss Lauren Whiston ( for technical information. During your stay, you can consult the excellent collections of the Andrew Walls Centre. Hearty welcome!

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