Call for Chapters: American Society of Missiology

Call for Chapter Proposals

One of the outcomes of the last ASM meetings was the development of a book project that will allow the introduction of new scholars in missiology.  We have meet with the acquisitions editor for Baker Academic and he is very interested in our book proposal and now we are seeking contributors to this volume.

The following is a description of the book: 

Practicing Mission: From Theory to Practice and Back Again. The book is intended to demonstrate how theories from various disciplines can inform and improve the practice of mission and how the practice of theory in mission serves to refine theory.  Each chapter introduces the prominent theories in the various aspects of mission in the 21st century, shows how those theories can be integrated into practice, and then provides case studies from around the world that will engage students while also showing how practitioners help refine theories through their application of them.

We are looking for female scholars interested in contributing chapters on current issues in missiology such as diaspora, migration, urbanization, gender, sex trafficking, language and identity, health care, ecology, art, or other current issues in missiology.  Chapter contributions will each follow the same format.  Each chapter should first address current theoretical trends in the discipline.  It should then address how that theory has been used in practice and/or current theoretical trends that are relevant to mission.  Finally, each chapter should present case studies of the application of theory to practice and how practice refines theories.  Each chapter would be approximately 4-5000 words.

We are interested in chapter proposals (200-400 words).  In your proposal, please include your topic, relevant theories you would cover, and a brief description of how they have been used in the practice of mission.  Please e-mail your chapter proposal by February 1, 2017 to to be considered for inclusion. If accepted, completed chapters will be due by July 30, 2017.

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