African Pentecostalism

Allan Anderson, one of the foremost scholars on Pentecostalism, delivered a lecture at the Boston University School of Theology on April 14th: “Pentecostalism and the African Spirit World: Continuity or Discontinuity?” In the lecture, Professor Anderson, explored the complex relationship between African Traditional Religions and Pentecostalism, highlighting how–often at the same time–Pentecostalism is both a rupture with the past and in continuity with it. The lecture drew not only students from Boston University, but also from the Pentecostal Leadership and Theological Institute of The Church of Pentecost, U.S.A. (pictured below).

Back row: Students from the Pentecostal Theological Institute; Front Row (L to R): Joseph Paintsil, Allan Anderson, Inus Daneel, Dana Robert, Nimi Wariboko


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