Ted Karpf recommends “The One Mind”

Is there hope for the future? Our future? And the future of faith? Dr. Larry Dossey plots a direct course that takes us there NOW filled with love and possibility. Amidst the cacophony of doomsayers about the future of religion, faith, spirituality, The One Mind is our personal invitation to discover that to which everyone is pointing but not naming. In this bold initiative he raises the bar; documenting the research and preponderance of data, evidence, history, tradition and mythology, which is the sum and substance of the human experience. Simply there is one Mind. The One Mind is a compelling page-turner with an “aha” at the end of every chapter, leaving readers to wonder, “why do we doubt our experience at all?” While some Christians may be worried that Dossey, who stands outside the tradition, is bordering on heresy, Gnosticism, or some New Age wonderment, the fact is he is pointing to the “one” to whom people of faith have pointed, worshiped and adored for ages upon ages. What he has done is walked us headlong into the 21st century and challenged our metaphors and assumptions, and opened a door through which each of us may go as a faithful sojourner and pilgrim.This book is an invaluable tool which re-affirms our knowing and demonstrates again and again, that no one of us is really alone!

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