Prof. Robert Presents Augsberger Lectures

Professor Dana Robert delivered the Augsberger Lecture series at Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonville, VA on March 19 and 20, 2013. Each of the three lectures addresses an aspect of friendship as mission. The audio files are included here so you, too, can listen! Many thanks to Eastern Mennonite for these and for the photos by Jonathan Bush.

Augsburger lecture chapel with Dr. Dana Robert

Lecture #1 – Friendship as an Incarnational Mission Practice

“Through the incarnation, God became human in the person of Jesus. And Jesus’s ministry was one based on friendship. And the purpose of friendship was to build a fellowship that witnessed to the kingdom of God.”

Lecture #2 – Friendship as a Missional Practice: Lessons in History

“Cross-cultural friendship is grounded in a common relationship with Jesus Christ. It shapes shared visions of shalom. It creates community broader than our nuclear family and tribe. We become links in a chain that began with Jesus himself, and moved down through history.”

Lecture #3 – Friendship in the Way of Jesus

“How should friendship and mission relate to each other? When you engage in mission projects, especially those that take you to another part of the world, or when you relate to persons unlike yourself, what do you mean by friendship?”

Augsburger lecture chapel with Dr. Dana Robert

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