Bevans addresses practical theology/missiology consultation

On November 1st, Dr. Stephen Bevans opened an engaging interchange between missiology and practical theology. In “Forging a Conversation,” Bevans described how the two fields compliment one another without collapsing either discipline into the other. Subsequent presentations were made by faculty of STH: David Jacobsen, Dana Robert, Bryan Stone, and Thomas Thangaraj. Each presenter provided succinct descriptions of his or her own field, as well as impressions of their counterpart’s. This led to ever-deepening exchanges. Dean Bryan Stone, for instance, could reply to Dr. Dana Robert’s representation of Practical Theology by saying, “I don’t recognize my discipline at all in what you just said.” He then went on to give an alternative vision of Practical Theology, and thereby opened up yet other possibilities for collaboration with missiology. The lunch concluded with questions for the panel, but was in some ways extended into the evening when Professor Bevans gave the Brown Lecture in Practical Theology.

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