WSCF seeks volunteer Ecumenical Accompaniers

WSCF seeks volunteer Ecumenical Accompaniers for PEAC: The Program for Ecumenical Accompaniment in Colombia from 1 December 2012 to 1 March 2013 as part of the PEAC Pilot Project in San Onofre, in the Montes de Maria Region in the Caribbean Coast area of Colombia.

Profile of Ecumenical Accompaniers:
· Age: adults over 21.
· Men and women. Couples will not go to the same communities.
· Willingness to move around to different places within Colombia (travel by air, road, paths, horseback and walking).
· Capacity to understand and respect local culture and customs.
· Sensitivity to the situations in which people and communities find themselves. Refrain from any sort of abuse of power.
· Basic understanding of human rights, international humanitarian law, advocacy and training on how to act in conflict situations. Further training will be offered.

: Commitment to nonviolent principles of accompaniment.

· Language: Accompaniers must have a working knowledge of Spanish.
· Capacity to work in a team and systematise experiences.
· Accompaniers must be endorsed by the faith communities or organisations that send them, so that they have established networks in their home countries able to give them personal, moral and spiritual accompaniment. An Accompanier and his/her organisation or community must be in permanent contact, so that the latter is aware of the accompanier’s well-being and the situation in the area where he or she is staying.
· Accompaniers must know and agree to PEAC codes of conduct (including the ACT Code of Conduct).

· Must have ecumenical commitment. Ecumenical training and experience an asset.

Training and orientation will be offered before traveling to Colombia and full orientation and training for the work of ecumenical accompaniment will be offered in Colombia for the pilot project team before taking up their responsibilities on the ground.

The EAs will be part of a small team of 4 to 6 people living and working in and around the municipality of San Onofre, Department of Sucre. The team will live and work out of the PEAC house in San Onofre and will be supported and supervised by the PEAC National Coordinator Dra. Blanca Lucia Echeverry. The team will also be actively supported by both a local and regional reference group made up of members of the supporting churches and social organisations as well as members of the local communities who have invited PEAC to accompany them.

The principal work of the team consists of physical,visible, active, non-violent accompaniment presence in the context of fear, intimidation and violence related to the continuing violation of victims rights and the land restitution process in Colombia. hey will accompany social organisations and communities involved in and impacted by these processes. They will carry our regular observation ad monitoring of the human rights situation in the zone. as part of their responsibilities they will write reports and shared information about the situation both with the PEAC for international distribution and with their sending organisation. The team will be fully oriented, supported and supervised in their work and responsibilities.

The return airfare and related travel expenses will be provided by the program. During the three months all basic living expenses will be covered as will all job related travel and work costs. Provision will be made for regular time off and rest periods as APPROPRIATE. Basic health insurance will be provided.

The EAs will be also trained and supported by their sending organisations and will be expected to participate in ecumenical advocacy upon their return.

For more information and to apply for this program, please contact Luciano Kovacs, North America Regional Secretary, WSCF

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