2014 Point-of-Care Technologies Workshop

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June 9 and 10 2014

POCWorkshopThe Center for Future Technologies in Cancer Care is hosting the NIBIB POCTRN Workshop on Future Technologies for Point of Care. The workshop will provide attendees with a working knowledge and practical skill set to assess and apply metrics of success of point- of-care systems in the spaces of diagnosis, device, and drug delivery systems.


We are targeting graduate students, post-docs, early-career faculty, medical doctors, start-up engineers and others interested in and involved in point-of-care systems. We are deliberately looking for a wide range or participants, and encourage anyone from disciplines across the physical sciences, engineering and biomedical sciences to apply.


Topics will include global health, diagnostics, statistics, case studies, as well as clinical needs assessments. Day 1 will start with talks and discussions on the statistical measures of efficacy and how to value point-of-care interventions; barriers to delivery in the US and globally; and a case study. Day 2 starts with an introduction into clinical needs followed by a series of case studies and working groups, covering applications in STIs, cancer, and primary care.

The event will span two days and start off with the week before with online pre-sessions through our edX portal. Workshop leaders will provide engaging video and activities that will introduce the topics and ideas participants will engage with deeper during the two-day workshop. Online sessions will prepare participants from a variety of backgrounds for the workshop, and allow the workshop faculty to spend more time working on your ideas and projects.

Workshop Faculty

Catherine Klapperich, Ph.D., Boston University
Jim Heath, Ph.D., California Institute of Technology
Muhammad Zaman, Ph.D., Boston University
Andy Fan, Ph.D., Boston University
Franklin Huang, M.D., Ph.D., Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Bernhard Weigl, Ph.D., PATH
Kent Lewandrowski, M.D., Harvard University

Workshop Coordinators

Catherine Klapperich, Ph.D., CFTCC Director
Bennett Goldberg, Ph.D., CFTCC Training Core
Penny Ford-Carleton, Ph.D.,, CIMIT Director
Lena Liu, CFTCC Research Administrative Assistant