2014 CFTCC Annual Symposium Media: Posters, PPTs, and Videos

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Poster Session

2014 CFTCC Annual Symposium Poster Session


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  • Agenda for 2nd Annual CFTCC Science Symposium
  • RESEARCH PROJECTS – Link to presentations from Science Symposium
    • Project #1: Optical spectroscopy for improved PCP screening of colorectal cancer – Irving Bigio, BU
    • Project #2: Improving Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patient Outcomes with a Novel Multiplexed POC Biomarker Measurement System – Daniel Laser, Wave80
    • Project #3: miRNA Gel Pads for the POC Detection of Lung Cancer Biomarkers in Serum – Patrick Doyle, MIT
    • Project #4: A Non-Enzymatic DNA Amplification Circuit for Cancer Biomarker Testing – Andrew Ellington, UT Austin
    • Project #5: My LifeCloud: A mobile based system aimed at empowering patients who are at risk for colorectal cancer – Kelly Brittain, MSU
    • A New Point of Care Diffuse Optical Imaging System for Home and Clinical Monitoring of Chemotherapy Response in Breast Cancer Patients – Darren Roblyer
    • Development of a Completely Passive Home Monitoring System for Early Detection of Cardiopulmonary Complication of Cancer and its Treatments – Dr. Kevin King, Mass General Hospital