Treasury Operations/Cash Management

  • Cash Management: Treasury Operations oversees the day to day management of the University’s working capital cash, preparing a daily forecast of cash receipts, disbursements and expected closing balances. These projections are carried forward on a daily basis, and used as a tool for ensuring that any excess cash balances are invested appropriately and/or any borrowing for operating needs is executed.
  • Bank Accounts: Treasury Operations is responsible for opening and maintaining all domestic and international bank accounts. For assistance with a bank account, please refer to Domestic and International Bank Account Guidelines or contact Treasury Operations at (617) 353-2272. Click here to download the Bank Account Request Form.
  • Relationships with Bank Service Providers: Treasury Operations maintains relationships with commercial banks that provide collection, cash concentration and disbursement services as well as other bank services including foreign exchange, card services, etc.
  • Payments: All payments by wire, ACH and foreign payments are initiated directly through Treasury Operations. Payments by check are handled by Accounts Payable. Please view procedures for wire and ACH payments.
  • Investment Office Support: Treasury Operations supports the University’s Investment Office with endowment accounting and other administrative services.
  • Cash Management Advisory: Treasury Operations provides advice to all departments of the University with regard to questions related to establishing bank accounts, managing cash collections and disbursements, financing purchases, etc.