Debt Management

Debt and Treasury Management oversees the management of the University’s existing debt portfolio and arranges new financing as required:

  • Development of University debt strategy to ensure availability of resources to meet maintenance and new capital spending requirements
  • Maintain University’s access to debt markets through consistent monitoring of capital market conditions, monitoring of the University’s debt –related covenants, and ongoing debt capacity analysis
  • Maintain relationships with key financing partners, including major investment banking and commercial banking institutions
  • Coordination of all University borrowing activities, including issuance of tax-exempt and taxable debt and establishment and maintenance of bank credit facilities. Also oversee hedging activities for the University’s interest rate exposures
  • Maintain compliance with tax – exempt borrowing regulations, including tracking of reimbursement of all bond financed project related expenditures in accordance with IRS rules
  • Maintain relationships with major debt rating agencies and tax exempt issuance authorities; present University credit profile to rating agencies annually and as required for periodic debt issuance