Certificate of Insurance Requests

A certificate of insurance (COI) is a standardized insurance industry form listing the insurance coverages carried by a particular company. It is issued by an insurance broker/agency and contains the broker’s authorized signature. It certifies the types and limits of insurance that an organization has in place for its operations.

Certificates of insurance most commonly are used when 2 parties enter into a contract, lease, internships or other binding agreement in order to confirm insurance coverage meets the requirements outlined in the contract, lease or agreement.   The following information is included on each certificate of insurance:

  • Insurance company name & address
  • Insurance broker name & address
  • Types of insurance
  • Insurance limits in US dollars
  • Policy numbers
  • Policy term – typically 12 months
  • Can be customized to list the following;
    • Increase insurance limits from the standard amounts
    • Indicate the other party is a certificate holder
    • Evidence additional insured status (AI)
    • Any special wording or other requirements


  • Standard certificates of insurance can be downloaded direct from the Risk Management website
  • Custom certificates can be requested by using the link Custom Certificate of Insurance Request Form
    • Note: Only Boston University faculty & staff can submit a customized certificate of insurance.
  • Depending on the types of insurance needed, multiple certificates may need to be generated
  • Allow 2 business days for processing. If you need a certificate urgently, clearly indicate so on the form under “Special Instructions”
  • All requests for evidence of Student Professional Liability must be accompanied by a statement by the department that the student’s participation is an academic requirement.
  • Clearly indicate the where the certificate of insurance needs to be sent. Name & email address preferred.