Automobile Registrations

New Registrations

Risk Management receives the appropriate paperwork from Sourcing & Procurement, vehicle custodian, or other University departments in regard to newly purchased or leased vehicles, in order to update the University’s fleet database or process a new registration. The new registration is sent to Risk Management, and will then be forwarded to the custodian of the vehicle for proper placement in the vehicle. Risk Management should be notified immediately of any vehicle transactions which have taken place within the University. This will help to lessen confusion in tracking down vehicles which may have been involved in certain situations such as accidents, parking fines, or auto renewals, and will also lessen the chance of a noninsured vehicle being out on the road.

Renewal of Registrations

A renewal notice from the Registry of Motor Vehicles is sent directly to Risk Management. Risk Management will then process the renewal paperwork at the registry and forward the renewed registration to the custodian of the vehicle upon receipt.

Plate Return/Loss/Theft/Transfer

When a vehicle is sold, scrapped or transferred, the plate must be returned to Risk Management, or the department should arrange for the plate to be returned directly to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. If so, a plate return receipt must be obtained from the Registry and forwarded to Risk Management in order to cancel the insurance on the vehicle. If the plate is stolen or lost, it is of dire importance that a department report this to Risk Management so that the proper authorities may be contacted.