Common Operator’s Report Errors

Common Errors on Report Form

Missing Information:

  • Date and time of loss
  • Vehicle Identification number as well as the Registration number
  • Driver’s License number and state
  • Condition of the road surface and type of traffic controls present
  • Diagram of accident

Incomplete Information:

  • Not enough detail in accident description (street names, direction of travel, city/town, highway) and location of traffic signals (lights, signs, police officer, etc.)

    Example of a good description:

    I was driving outbound in the far right lane on Commonwealth Ave., Boston. I was attempting to make a right hand turn onto Harry Agganis Way at the light, which was green and is located above the intersection. While turning right, the BU vehicle was hit in the left rear quarter panel by the other vehicle which was attempting to pass me on my left.

  • Not enough detail on the damage description (both BU vehicle and other involved vehicles)
  • Witness information
  • Third party’s insurance and personal information.

* Definition of a Third Party:
The vehicle(s) belonging to the other person(s) involved in the accident that are not the BU vehicle. The Boston University vehicle should be listed as Vehicle 1.