Automobile Accident Procedures

Accident Procedures

What to do at the Scene of the Accident

  • Call for police assistance, if possible.
  • Gather as much information as possible. Exchange auto registrations and license information. If neither of these forms of identification are available, you should get the name of the person driving the vehicle, the plate number and a description of the vehicle.
  • The University is self-insured for physical damage to University vehicles.
  • The University is insured for Automobile Bodily Injury with Zurich American Insurance Company.

Reporting the Accident

  • All accidents should be reported immediately to Risk Management at (617) 353-3020. In any accident involving injury, Risk Management will contact the University’s insurance carrier for further investigation and handling.
  • An accident report form should be completed by the driver.
  • If an accident involves bodily injury or collision damages greater than $1,000, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires the vehicle operator to submit an Operator’s Report to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Operator’s Reports may be obtained from the local police or downloaded directly from this link. It is perfectly acceptable to make copies of this form.

Repairing the Vehicle

  • Boston University is self-insured for physical damage to its fleet. The University has a contract with Enterprise Fleet Services to reduce the cost and control the quality and consistency of collision damage repairs to Boston University owned and leased automobiles. All damaged automobiles must be reported to Enterprise Fleet Services (1-800-325-8838) before completing the accident report form and sending it to Risk Management and Enterprise. The Enterprise representative will take down all the accident details and will then direct the driver to take the vehicle to an Enterprise approved repair shop. There are Enterprise approved repair shops throughout the Boston area and New England, and even nationwide.
  • Enterprise will keep in touch with the vehicle custodian/driver to update them on the progress of the vehicle repairs and to notify them when the vehicle is available for pick up. All billing arrangements are between Enterprise and Risk Management, and the vehicle’s department will not have to issue any checks to the repair shop. If the vehicle’s driver is determined to be “at fault” for the accident, the department will be responsible for a $500 deductible that will be charged internally by Risk Management.
  • GLASS DAMAGE ONLY: In the event that a windshield, window or mirror needs to be replaced on one of the departmental vehicles, the department should contact whichever glass repair vendor it would prefer to fix the damage. Once the repairs have been made, the department should pay the vendor directly. The department should then fill out an accident claim form completely before submitting it along with a copy of the paid invoice or requisition to Risk Management for full reimbursement via journal entry. There is no deductible for glass repairs.