Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main functions of Research Accounting?

In conjunction with Sponsored Programs, Research Accounting establishes Internal order numbers within SAP, prepares and submits financial reports to sponsors, bills and collects sponsored funding, reviews and approves award related transactions, works with departments to close out awards, and coordinates external audits.

What should I do if I feel I need training in post-award research administration?

Research Accounting offers live training, coordinated through Human Resources, at least twice a year on a variety of subjects. You may also make an appointment with a Research Accounting staff member to go over a particular subject or practice. We strongly encourage all new department administrators to make an appointment and meet with the Research Accounting associate administrator assigned to handling their account(s).

Which financial transactions does Research Accounting review and approve?

Research Accounting reviews and approves the following transactions charged to Internal order numbers starting with 955xxxxxxx and 950xxxxxxx: All salary transactions, stipends, salary adjustments, and non-salary transactions greater than $1,000. Click here to read more about transactions less than $1,000.

What do I need to access a web-based financial summary of grant funds?

All BU employees need a Boston University login name and Kerberos password to view a summary of their grant awards through BU Works Central Portal. If you require access, please contact 617-353-4555 for further assistance.

Who is responsible for financial compliance of grant funding at Boston University?

All BU employees are responsible for doing their part to ensure compliance with sponsor and University regulations. Principal Investigators plan expenditures in accordance with their budgets. Department Administrators prepare transactions processed and monitor the grant accounts in coordination with the Principal Investigator. Both the Principal Investigator and Department Administrators are primarily responsible for ensuring that charges to awards are allowable and allocable and in compliance with sponsor and University regulations. Research Accounting provides review and oversight.

How do I find out which Research Accounting administrator is assigned to my sponsored award account?

Click here to view the Assignment Contact list. You may also call us at 617-353-4555.