On-line Property Management System

IV. On-Line Property Management System

A. Benefits of an On-Line Property Management System

  1. The on-line Property Management System is a series of functions, that allow the user to display and update the department’s Property Management record (see Property Management Codes). These functions reside within the Galaxy system in the University mainframe computer.
  2. Asset ID number, purchase order number, unit-department, building-room, profile description, or manufacturer can display a department’s moveable capital equipment in the On-Line System by using various screens.
  3. The Property Management System can be helpful in compiling comprehensive inventories of a department’s moveable capital equipment.
  4. Whenever equipment is moved from its original location, departments are encouraged to record the new location information in the on-line Property Management System.

B. Obtaining Access to the On-Line Property Management System

  1. The Department Security Administrator (DSA) should choose function “US50″ from the Galaxy main menu on-line. Enter the userID of the person for whom access is being requested, and enter a “Y” to the left of the “Prod:” field. Press Enter.
  2. Tab down to the line below the “Request (Func/Permit)” field and enter a question mark. Press Enter.
  3. In the window that pops up, select Permit. Press Enter until the PMAB appears in the next window; select PMAB.
  4. In the “File” field, type “?,” then select “028” in the pop-up screen. In the “Owner” field, type “PRM.” Under “Field,” type “OWNER-UNIT-DEPT-CD.” In the “From Val” field, type the lowest numerical unit-department value for which access is being requested. In the “Thru Val” field, type the highest numerical unit-department value for which access is being requested. In most cases these two values will be the same.
  5. When this is done, tab down to the bottom right of the screen and enter a “C” for complete. Press Enter.
  6. This should return you to the main menu of “US50.” Repeat items 2 through 5, entering first PMAC in item 3, and then PMAJ in item 3.
  7. Select either Send or Repeat Send. If you are requesting access for more than one person, Repeat Send will allow you to change the userID without retyping the value security information.
  8. Notes may be added to the request in the “Note Pad” optional field. Note Pad appears after hitting the repeat send. When the note is completed, then tab to the far right corner. Type in “C” for complete and press Enter.

The request will go through the electronic authorization approval process before access is granted.