Miscellaneous Receivables assists Boston University departments in processing invoices for services and sales provided by Boston University departments to other organizations, companies and individuals.

This does not include invoicing for sponsored research. To invoice for a sponsored research account (grant number begins with 50 or 55 and internal order number begins with 950 or 955), please contact Post Award Financial Operations.

Advantages to Boston University departments invoicing through Miscellaneous Receivables:

  • Revenue is credited to the Boston University Departmental account upon invoicing (departments not using Miscellaneous Receivables receive revenue when the invoice is paid)
  • Payments are processed and deposited by Miscellaneous Receivables

Although Boston University is a tax-exempt institution, providing services and or selling goods may have tax consequences. Certain sales may require the collection of sales and meals tax. Boston University may also incur Unrelated Business Income Tax. Please contact the Office of the Comptroller at 617-353-2290 for tax questions prior to providing services or sales to outside entities.

Boston University departments can now create and post invoices in SAP. For Instructions, please visit the Buworks Online Help at