Earnings Statement

How will I access my new earnings statements?

After BUworks goes live on July 4, 2011, and moving forward, you will be able to access your 2011 earnings statements (pay stubs) from the Employee Self-Service application on the new BUworks Central portal. Prior period earning statements will be accessed through the legacy system.

What does Employee Self-Service (ESS) provide?

On July 4, 2011 the new BUworks Systems went live. The BUworks System is an Employee Self-Service (ESS) tool for employees. Employee Self-Service replaced the Employee Link. From this easy-to-use Employee Self-Service function you can:

  1. Access and change personal information, such as your address and telephone number, family member information and emergency contact information.
  2. Access your pay/earnings statements after July 1, 2011 forward. For prior earning statements contact Payroll at bupay@bu.edu or call 617-353-2270.
  3. Enroll, view or change direct deposit accounts. You can select up to four different accounts to which you can direct portions of your pay.
  4. Make changes to your Federal and State Tax Withholdings.

What will my new earnings statement look like?

Please click these links to view examples of exempt and non-exempt earning statements

What types of improvements can I expect to see on my earnings statement?

The content of earnings statements contains the same standard payroll information, along with a new Retro Period Adjustments column utilized when an adjustment has been made to an employee’s past period earnings. Rate information for non-exempt employees has also been unbundled to include more detail (e.g., shift differentials and premiums).

I have noticed a slight difference in my “net pay” total on my new earnings statement. Are the calculations correct?

SAP provides additional enhancements and precision to our existing financial accounting, reporting and disbursement systems, including payroll. As a result of this increased precision and due to slight differences in calculation methodology, a small number of employees may see very small differences in payroll tax withholding amounts from pay period to pay period (weekly paid employees up to 25 cents, monthly paid employees up to $3, depending on the level of taxable earnings). However, each employee’s total annual payroll tax liabilities are not affected.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my earnings statement?

Please contact Payroll at 617-353-2270 or e-mail bupay@bu.edu.

When is payday?

If you are paid weekly, you will be paid every Friday. If Friday is a holiday, you will be paid on Thursday. If you are paid monthly, you will be paid on the last bank day of the month.

How do I change my address?

You can change your address through Employee Self-Service (ESS). Log into ESS and choose “Personal Information”, “Home Address and Emergency Contact” and choose “edit”.