Boston University Departments FAQs

What does Miscellaneous Receivables do?

Miscellaneous Receivables is responsible for processing all non-student invoicing for sales and services rendered by University departments to organizations and/or individuals outside of the University.

Can I invoice Boston University departments via Miscellaneous Receivables?

No. To invoice a department within the University for materials and/or services, please use the standard Procurement requisition form. Please see Sourcing & Procurement for procedures and more information.

Can I invoice through Miscellaneous Receivables for a grant account?

No. To invoice for a grant account (source number ending -5, -6, -7 and -8), please contact Post Award Financial Operations.

How do I create an account number for a new customer?

Please complete the Customer Master Data Form. See instructions.

How do I update an address for a Miscellaneous Receivables customer?

Please complete the Customer Master Data Form. See instructions.

How do I determine if a customer has paid an invoice?

Please call to check on the status of either an invoice or customer account. For questions regarding more than either three invoices or customers, please e-mail us a list and we will respond to the request as our workload permits. Miscellaneous Receivables will e-mail an aging report to departments at the beginning of the month that shows activity on the account through the end of the previous month.

What GL Account should I use for my revenue?

The most frequently used revenue GL Accounts are as follows:

401030 – Workshop Tuition
420010 – Sales (Educational Departments)
420030 – Sales (Service Departments)

Please contact Miscellaneous Receivables for questions regarding appropriate GL Account usage.