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The ability to think three-dimensionally is empowering in all the visual arts. Therefore, sculpture is fundamental in the foundation program at the School of Visual Arts. In this program, students begin to develop the visual, perceptual, and conceptual skills necessary to work observationally in clay, plaster, wire, and wood. Students advance to figure work and can elect to continue those efforts at the upper level.

As juniors, Sculpture majors develop drawing skills that are necessary in the creation of bas-relief and use those skills to facilitate the exploration of creative ideas and observational form. In art history classes taken throughout the program, students learn to appreciate sculpture’s evolution in style and imagery across the centuries. They gain a large vocabulary of expressive form and composition to draw upon in their own work.

Sculpture majors meet in small groups, working closely with faculty and peers. Many hours of concentrated work are equally divided between the development of personal imagery in a wide choice of styles and observational work, including life-size studies from the model.

Great works of sculpture have a powerful presence. This presence, or illusion of internal life, allows sculpture to speak about our most important feelings and ideas and to present those ideas viscerally and forcefully. In the Sculpture program, the faculty focus their efforts on teaching students to create that illusion of life inside the form of their work.

Recommended Course Sequence

Take a look at a semester-by-semester breakdown of the classes required to fulfill the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture:

BFA Sculpture Recommended Course Sequence (.pdf)

Curriculum Requirements

Prerequisites (40 credits)

Drawing I (2 sem): 8 cr
Additional Drawing or Print electives: 8 cr
Sculpture I, II, and III (min 2 sem): 8 cr
Painting I: 4 cr
Art History (2 sem): 8 cr
Freshman Writing: 4 cr

Sculpture Major Requirements (44 credits)

Additional Drawing or Print electives: 12 cr
Painting II: 4 cr
Sculpture Major Studios (min 4 sem): 16 cr
Sculpture Techniques: (fall only) 4 cr
Contemporary Issues Seminars (2 sem): 4 cr
Contemporary Art History: 4 cr

Electives (48 credits)

Sciences | Social Sciences | History: 8 cr
Language | Literature | Philosophy: 8 cr
Additional Liberal Arts electives: 12 cr
Additional studio or general electives: 20 cr

Total credits required for degree: 132 cr