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Printmaking is a vital contemporary art form, based on the transferred image and encompassing a variety of graphic processes and technologies, each with innate image qualities. The program is housed in a brilliant new workshop with state-of-the-art facilities, and offers close work with expert faculty. Printmaking is a unique and flexible discipline, and supports study in intaglio, lithography, relief, silkscreen, book arts, and digital media, while encouraging combined applications with other disciplines. With the advent of dynamic new digital methods the role of printmaking in contemporary art practice has expanded into a major force in contemporary art.

The curriculum offers various entry points into the print media, followed by directed, intensive, and advanced study where students focus and refine their personal vision to create a cohesive body of work. Combining a strong foundation in visual skills and processes with the intellectual rigor offered by the University, this program prepares students to address the contemporary art world head-on. Besides professional studio training, the skills gained are applicable to positions in related art settings – teaching, print studio management, production, and entrepreneurship, digital printing companies, galleries, and arts administration, as well as being excellent preparation for postgraduate study.

The School of Visual Arts is prominent in the professional printmaking community as a vibrant center for print activity. Through international professional meetings and exhibitions on campus, student participation in print exhibitions and national print conferences, opportunities for travel and study abroad and community events, the program offers an excellent context for students to connect to the professional printmaking community.

BFA Printmaking Recommended Course Sequence (.pdf)

Curriculum Requirements

Prerequisites (40 credits)

Drawing I (2 sem): 8 cr
Additional Drawing and Print electives: 8 cr
Painting I and II: 8 cr
Sculpture I: 4 cr
Art History (2 sem): 8 cr
Freshman Writing: 4 cr

Printmaking Major Requirements (44 credits)

Printmaking Major Courses: 20 cr (minimum 4 semesters – required AR 452)
Graphic Design/Painting/Sculpture: 8 cr
Drawing (Advanced): 4 cr
Art of the Multiple: 2 cr
Contemporary Issues Seminar: 2 cr
Contemporary Art History: 4 cr
Studio Elective: 4 cr

Electives (48 credits)

Sciences | Social Sciences | History: 8 cr
Language | Literature | Philosophy: 8 cr
Additional Liberal Arts electives: 12 cr
Additional studio or general electives: 20 cr

Total credits required for degree: 132 cr