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Drawing and painting are fundamental facets of a visual arts education and make up a major portion of the foundation program.

Students will first study perspective and spatial relationships through geometric forms, including the cube, the cone, the sphere, and the cylinder, and will work with more complex variations of these forms as they relate to the human figure—one of the most fascinating and challenging artistic themes—in anatomy and drawing classes.

Though there have been profound changes in the art world, the Painting program continues to promote painting in its varied manifestations as a fundamental form of visual and artistic expression. The principal component of the program is studio activity, with students exploring various forms of painting to develop an individual vision. The program is intended to provide a solid base for postgraduate involvement in the larger art world.

Painting majors also explore painting’s elements of color, light, space, volume, tone, texture, and composition through still-life, landscape, and invented motifs. In addition, instructors place emphasis on composing from memory and imagination, allowing art students to give personal expression to what they have learned.

Recommended Course Sequence

Take a look at a semester-by-semester breakdown of the classes required to fulfill the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting:

BFA Painting Recommended Course Sequence (.pdf)

Curriculum Requirements

Prerequisites (40 credits)

Drawing I (2 sem): 8 cr
Additional Drawing and Print electives: 4 cr
Painting I, II, and III: 12 cr
Sculpture I: 4 cr
Art History (2 sem): 8 cr
Freshman Writing: 4 cr

Painting Major Requirements (44 credits)

Drawing and Print electives: 10 cr
Sculpture: 4 cr
Painting Major Studios (min 4 sem): 18 cr
Painting Techniques: 2 cr
Contemporary Issues Seminars (3 sem): 6 cr
Contemporary Art History: 4 cr

Electives (48 credits)

Sciences | Social Sciences | History: 8 cr
Language | Literature | Philosophy: 8 cr
Additional Liberal Arts electives: 12 cr
Additional studio or general electives: 20 cr

Total credits required for degree: 132 cr