Five-Year BFA/MA Program

In the Five-Year BFA/MA Program, it is possible for serious, focused, and organized undergraduate students to combine the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, majoring in a studio area (painting, sculpture, or graphic design), with the Master of Arts in Studio Teaching degree, completing both courses of study in five years.

Students who choose this option have the advantage of an exceptionally strong studio background, as well as a Master of Arts degree that includes all requirements for teaching certification.

Recommended Course Sequences

Take a look at a semester-by-semester breakdown of the classes required to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Master of Arts in Studio Teaching:

MA/BFA in Graphic Design Recommended Course Sequence (.pdf)
MA/BFA in Painting Recommended Course Sequence (.pdf)
MA/BFA in Sculpture Recommended Course Sequence (.pdf)

Curriculum Requirements

The following courses are needed to meet state licensing requirements:

Technology Course: 4cr
General Psychology (CAS): 4cr
Ceramics: 4cr
Photography: 4 cr
Printmaking: 4cr

Available Fall only:

Child Growth & Development*: 4 cr
Teaching Art K – 9*: 4cr
Contemporary Issues Art Education*: 2 cr

Available Spring only:

Intro to Art Ed.: 2cr
Processes & Structures*: 4 cr
Teaching Art 5 – 12*: 4cr
Special Populations*: 2cr

Total: 42 cr

*Juniors planning to study abroad may take this course sophomore year with permission.

The italic courses are those that count toward the MA in Studio Teaching. They total 20 credits and may be taken as soon as a student has completed the Foundation requirements (including Intro to Art Education during the sophomore year). The other courses in the list should be taken as electives in compliance with licensing requirements in Massachusetts and most other states. They may be taken at any point during BFA studies and do no count toward the MA Studio Teaching degree. They do, however, count as electives in your major. The 5th year of the program is then pursued at the graduate level, following completion of a BFA in Graphic Design, Painting, or Sculpture.