Art Education

In the Art Education program, students concentrate on understanding the processes involved in art making and learning. The faculty encourage students to teach children and adolescents to think visually, rather than to simply create products without personal meaning. Students are further prepared to demonstrate the vital relationships between art and culture, art and emotion, and art and history. By studying art in context, young artists are more inclined to treat the creation of art seriously and with individual expression.

The Art Education department offers three degree options for students interested in the field of teaching. The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education degree is designed for the undergraduate student, who, after completing all requirements, is eligible for initial licensure.

For the focused and organized student, the Five-Year BFA/MA Program combines the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in a studio area (painting, sculpture, or graphic design) with the Master of Arts in Studio Teaching degree, completing both courses of study in five years.

Students who choose this option have the advantage of an exceptionally strong studio background, as well as a Master of Arts degree that includes all requirements for teaching licensure.

Recommended Course Sequence

Take a look at a semester-by-semester breakdown of the classes required to fulfill the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art Education:

BFA Art Education Recommended Course Sequence (.pdf)

Curriculum Requirements

Prerequisites (42 credits)

Drawing 1 (2 sem): 8 cr
Additional Drawing and Print electives: 8 cr
Intro to Art Education: 2 cr
Painting I, II, or III (min 2 sem): 8 cr
Sculpture I: 4 cr
Art History (2 sem): 8 cr
Freshman Writing: 4 cr

Art Education Major Requirements (56 credits)

The following courses are needed to meet state licensing requirements.

Technology Course: 4 cr
General Psychology (CAS): 4 cr
Child Growth and Development: 4 cr
Ceramics: 4 cr
Photography: 4 cr
Processes and Structures: 4 cr
Art Education I, II: 8 cr
Special Populations: 2 cr
Contemporary Issues in Art Education: 2 cr
Art Ed. Seminars I and II: 4 cr
Practicum Pre-K – 8: 4 cr
Practicum 5 – 12: 4 cr
Art Education III: 4 cr
Art History (additional): 4 cr

Electives (34 credits)

Sciences | Social Sciences | History: 8 cr
Language | Literature | Philosophy: 8 cr
Additional Liberal Arts electives: 12 cr
Additional studio or general electives: 6 cr

Total credits required for degree: 132 cr