Graduate Portfolio Requirements

Portfolio Requirements

The School of Visual Arts requires digital portfolios for all its graduate programs.  All applicants are required to submit a portfolio of 15–20 examples of recent work.  Please do not send CD’s or hard copies of your portfolio as they will not be evaluated or returned.


Digital portfolios can be submitted at

Art Education & Studio Teaching

Portfolios should indicate drawing ability as well as strength in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional media, including printmaking and ceramics.

Graphic Design

Portfolios should include at least 15 examples of the student’s best graphic design work. Although some of the images can be taken from other disciplines such as architecture, the majority must be in computer-based graphic design. The graphic design faculty reserves the right to request that students complete certain courses as prerequisites.


Work should include paintings and drawings that indicate the applicant’s particular interests in subject matter and/or stylistic direction. Most successful applicants have spent at least one year painting independently after the completion of their undergraduate degree. The painting faculty may request additional samples of work or require certain courses as prerequisites.


The sculpture faculty evaluates portfolios based on evidence of a solid body of work that displays consistency, seriousness, and depth of purpose. Acceptance is based on the faculty’s determination that an applicant can develop artistically within the context of the School’s program. Supplemental photographs and other visual materials are acceptable.