Advising Information

Advisement and Registration

The staff and faculty in the School of Visual Arts are here to help you navigate the extensive range of resources available to you at the university.  In addition to an assigned faculty and peer advisor, you will receive additional support from the School of Visual Arts Office, as well as the College of Fine Arts Office of the Dean.
Find your advisor on the student link

Faculty Advisor
Incoming students are automatically assigned faculty advisors.  You can find the name of your faculty advisor by visiting the student link.  Once you have declared your major, you may change your faculty advisor to a member of your department by completing the major declaration form
online.  Faculty advisors help students identify their interests, and guide course selection.

Peer Advisor
Incoming freshmen are each assigned a peer advisor.  Peer advisors are upperclassmen who volunteer to serve as mentors by giving building tours, organizing trips to area art stores, and assisting with spring course selection.

Other Student Services
Jeannette Guillemin, the Assistant Director of the School of Visual Arts, oversees advisement and student services.  She is available to meet with current and prospective students regarding academic or personal concerns involving transition to college, major selection, career direction, study abroad, minors, or double majors.  Her office is located in the School of Visual Arts Office, Room 552.

CFA Office of the Dean
Student records and degree processing are handled in the dean’s office, Room 230.  If you need to transfer AP credit, process transfer credit, or change your student records, Cecilia Yudin, Student Records Manager, can assist you.  If you decide to purse a double degree, Manager of Student Services Alyssa Baker is available to answer your questions about the proper procedures to coordinate your program.

Registration and Academic Requirements
Each semester, the School of Visual Arts offers group pre-registration meetings to assist students with course selection.  You should plan to attend advising days, and prepare in advance by reviewing degree requirements, checking sequencing of classes, and referring to your degree audit on the student link.   On advising day, an advisor will review your selections, answer questions, and provide you with your registration access code.

Academic advisors guide students in their course selection, and help students maximize the resources at Boston University.  At the beginning of study, each student in the School of Visual Arts is assigned a faculty advisor.  Upon declaration of major, the faculty advisor often changes to a member of the student’s chosen department.
To find your faculty advisor and degree requirements on the student link, go to Academics–>>Academic Advising.
Before the major is declared, students will only see their foundation requirements.  Therefore, it is important to declare your major by sophomore year by completing the Major Declaration Form online.