Welcome to VASI!

Dear VASI students and parents,

Congratulations on your acceptance to VASI, we are so excited to welcome you to Boston this summer!  This page will be where we share information with you between now and June, so be sure to bookmark the link.   If you have any questions about the program, or about any of the information that you’ll need to send us, please feel free to get in touch.


Jen Guillemin, VASI Director

Beth Zerega, VASI Assistant Director
617 353 3371

The 2015 VASI Info Guide

The Info Guide includes important information about travel arrangements, check-in, life in the dorms, what to bring, and more.  All VASI students and parents should read it.

2015 VASI Info Guide

Letter of Agreement

Please return the Letter of Agreement as soon as possible so that we may reserve your space in the program.  You may mail it, or email it to beth2013@bu.edu.

2015 Letter of Agreement

Registration Forms

The following forms must be filled out by each VASI student and their parents or guardian, and returned via mail or emailed to beth2013@bu.edu.  All forms must be received by Friday, May 15th 2015.

2015 Summer Programs Health Form

The health form and immunization record should be filled out by the student’s parent or guardian and signed by their physician.  Students will be assigned a BU ID number once their paperwork has been received, so this can be left blank.

2015 Treatment Consent Form

In case of emergency, this form will allow students to receive hospital care.

2015 Parental Consent, Waiver, and Release

In order to participate in the program, each VASI student’s parent/guardian must sign the Parental Consent, Waiver, and Release form. The Media Release is optional (although we do like to include students in our publications).

Summer 2015 Visual Arts Student RLA and T&C

The Residential Life Agreement form must be filled out and signed by VASI students who will be living on campus.  Please also read through the Terms and Conditions.

2015 FitRec User Agreement

This release is required for students to use Boston University’s Fitness and Recreation Center.  VASI students will have the opportunity to purchase a FitRec membership during VASI check-in.

2015 VASI Bio Form

We want to learn more about you!  All students should fill out the Bio Form and also email a recent picture of themselves to beth2013@bu.edu.


Tuition and Payment Instructions

The full program fee including tuition, activity fee and room and board is $4,740 with the  14 meal plan or $4,877 with the 19 meal plan.  Most students find the 14 meal plan to be sufficient, as there are plenty of places for a quick breakfast or lunch on or near campus.

For commuter students, the tuition and activity fees total $3,175.  Commuter students will have the opportunity to purchase Convenience Points at the beginning of the program so that they may eat with their classmates in the dining hall.

VASI Scholarship recipients can deduct the amount of their scholarship from the total tuition amount when submitting payment.

Payment can be made via check, money order, or credit card. 

If paying by check, please write the student’s name on the check and make the check payable to Boston University.

To pay by credit card, please contact Beth Zerega at  beth2013@bu.edu with the student’s 1) date of birth and 2) country of citizenship.  She will then set up an online payment and send an email with the payment instructions.

International students may have the option of paying with an international bank wire transfer–please contact Beth for more information.

The total program fee is due by Friday, May 15, 2015. Registrations that are not paid in
full by this date will be withdrawn from the program.

All VASI correspondence can be printed and mailed to:

Boston University School of Visual Arts
Visual Arts Summer Institute
855 Commonwealth Ave, Room 552
Boston, MA 02215

Or scanned and emailed to: