Welcome to VASI!


Studio Clean-up and Check-Out

All VASI students are required to return their studio spaces to their original condition, as outlined in the Studio Lease Agreements signed by all students at the beginning of the program.  White paint will be provided for students who have drawn or painted on the studio walls, and the floors should be free of debris and ideally of spilled paint.  All the materials provided by VASI (drawing board, brush jar, mirror, palette, sculpture tools) should be left in the studio.

There will be time in the schedule on Thursday morning for studio clean-up. You must be checked out of your studio by a VASI staff member, who will certify that you have cleaned your space and returned your materials. Please make sure you are checked out of your studio by lunchtime on Thursday July 27th.

Shipping of Work

For students who are flying home, shipping work may make the most sense. There is a Fedex located in the base of the Warren Towers building at 115 Cummington Mall. The Cummington Mall Fedex location will only ship tubes of art, so if paintings are taken off the stretchers and rolled, Fed Ex will provide the tubes and coordinate the shipping. There is also a UPS located up the street at 1085 Commonwealth Ave. This UPS location is equipped to pack work in any state and can ship it internationally in 2-4 days.

Oil paint and solvents should not be packed in checked or carry-on luggage, as they can be considered flammable materials. For more information, please see the FAA Pack Safe site.

Another option, particularly for more fragile pieces, can be to ship home some clothes or other items and then pack the artwork in a suitcase or take it as a carry-on item. The VASI staff and counselors are happy to answer questions about shipping work.

Departure Time

Students can depart on Thursday July 27th after the exhibition, or on Friday July 28th. Residential students should plan on being checked out of their dorm room by lunchtime on Friday July 28th. Students with later flights on Friday can spend the afternoon in the Warren Towers common spaces before it’s time to leave for their flight.

If you have an early morning flight and will need to leave Warren Towers on Friday before 7am, please let Beth know so she can alert security.

Check-out Procedure for Warren Towers

Prior to checking out, students should pack up all their belongings and ensure that their room is clean of trash and debris.  Students can then turn in their room key at the Warren Towers Residence Life office on the 4th floor (across from the mail boxes).

The Residence Life office is staffed 9am-5pm and 7pm-midnight. Outside of those times, students can return their key using an after-hours envelope. The student just needs to fill out the envelope, put the key, seal it and drop it in the mailbox on the Residence Life office door. They should take the yellow piece with them as it counts as their receipt.  For more questions about moving out of the dorms, students can check with the RA on their floor.

Please note that the Warren Towers parking garage will not be available during move-out on Thursday and Friday.  There will be an elevator going to the ground level in the Warren Towers lobby, and parking should be available in the Granby Street lot. Pay attention to the bicycle lanes if you pull up in front of the building to load your car.

Sunday, July 2nd
Warren Towers
700 Commonwealth Ave Boston, MA 02215

If you are running late, get lost, or need to contact us on Sunday for any reason, please call Beth on her cell phone at 617 921 5867.

If you are driving:

Residential students will be able to park and unload in the Warren Towers parking garage, which can be accessed from the eastbound side of Commonwealth Ave by turning right onto Hinsdale Mall. If there are any parking attendants, just tell them that you are arriving to move in for a BU summer program.  Please do not block the bike lanes in front of the building.

After parking, please leave your belongings in the car and come up the C-tower elevators to the 4th floor, where you’ll check in with the VASI staff and counselors and receive an orientation packet. There are many other BU summer programs moving in on the same day, so keep an eye out for the VASI table.  After you check in with the VASI staff, residential students will proceed into the next room to check in with Housing and receive your room key.

After checking in, you can go back to your car, get your belongings, and move into your room. We will have some luggage carts available if you have a lot of items to move, the VASI counselors will be able to assist you with these.

Commuter students: As the Warren Towers garage is supposed to be for for unloading only and may close before the end of VASI orientation, we recommend that commuter students who are coming by car park at a metered space nearby. On Sunday afternoons, metered spots are available on Bay State Road, parallel to Commonwealth Ave and a short walk from Warren Towers. There is no Red Sox game on Sunday, so parking should be easy to find.

If you are taking public transit or a taxi:

The T stop for Warren Towers is BU East, on the B line of the Green subway line. For information on the T, please go to www.mbta.com. There is also transit information in the VASI Info Guide.

When you arrive at Warren Towers, enter at the main entrance on Commonwealth Ave. Go up the escalators, and follow the signs up to the check-in room on the 4th floor, where you’ll check in with the VASI staff and counselors and receive an orientation packet. There are many other BU summer programs moving in on the same day, so keep an eye out for the VASI table.  After you check in with the VASI staff, residential students will proceed into the next room to check in with Housing and receive your room key.  

After checking in, you will be able to go to your room and begin moving in. We will have some luggage carts available if you have a lot of items to move, the VASI counselors will be able to assist you with these.

Additional Info:

There will also be opportunities during check-in to sign up for a membership to Fit Rec or to rent a micro-fridge to have in your dorm room.

We encourage you to arrive on the earlier side so that you have ample time to move in and get situated before Orientation begins. You will also have time to unpack on Sunday evening.

At 2pm, VASI students will say goodbye to their families and meet the group at the entrance of Warren Towers for the start of VASI Orientation. We will meet at the entrance to Warren Towers and proceed to the Terrier Card office to get our ID cards.  Please bring a form of picture ID (photocopies are ok) in order to receive your Terrier Card.

Registration Forms

If you still need to send in any registration forms, please do so promptly.

Photo and Bio Form

Students, if you haven’t already sent in a recent photo of yourself (selfies welcome!) and the VASI Bio Form, send them to buvasi@bu.edu.

Art Supplies

If you haven’t ordered your supplies yet, do so ASAP. The list of required VASI art supplies is available here for purchase on the Dick Blick website.  Students are expected have these supplies, or their equivalents, for the start of the program.  We’ll be monitoring the list and will work to add replacement items if anything goes out of stock. There is also a Dick Blick store near campus if students need additional supplies during the program.

Students are welcome to bring any supplies that they already have and would like to use during the program.

Please note: Some airlines consider oil paints to be hazardous materials and therefore do not allow them in checked or carry-on baggage.  We recommend that any students flying into Boston have their supplies shipped straight to BU, using the following address:

Boston University
Visual Arts Summer Institute
Attn: “Student Name”
855 Commonwealth Ave
Room 552
Boston, MA 02215

VASI Info Guide

The Info Guide includes useful information on transportation to campus, what to bring, life in the dorms, and more.  Now’s the time to read it if you haven’t done so already.

Check-in and Orientation

Check-in starts at Noon on Sunday, July 2nd at Warren Towers, 700 Commonwealth Ave.  We would like to start VASI Orientation activities at 2pm, so please try to arrive closer to noon to give yourself time to move into the dorms. If you will need to arrive later on Sunday, please get in touch with Beth to make alternative arrangements.
Detailed information on check-in (directions, parking, etc) will be provided later in June.

FitRec Memberships

Students age 16 or older have the option to purchase a 4 week membership to the Boston University Fitness and Recreation Center for $75.  If you are interested in a membership, there will be an opportunity to sign up during VASI check-in.

Terrier Cards

All VASI students will receive a Terrier Card, which will provide access to spaces on campus including the studios, dorms, and dining halls. In order to be issued a Terrier Card, students must present a photo ID, so be sure to bring one with you to the program.  A passport, driver’s license, or student ID will work, and photocopies are accepted.

Food Allergies and Special Diets

If you have any food allergies or special dietary restrictions, please let us know by emailing buvasi@bu.edu. We will also be making a note of any allergies mentioned on your health forms. BU Dining Services has asked us to provide them a list of any dietary restrictions present during the VASI program so they can best serve your needs.

What to Bring

Check out the 2017 VASI Info Guide for a packing list.  There’s a Bed, Bath, and Beyond and a CVS within walking distance of the dorms for purchasing extra toiletries and household supplies. We strongly recommend bringing (or purchasing) a fan, as the dorm rooms are un-airconditioned.

Housing Sign-up

In the next week or two, all Residential students will receive an email (to the student email indicated on the VASI application) from BU Housing with instructions on signing up for and accessing the online BU Housing portal.

You will use this online portal to sign your Residence License Agreement so that you can be assigned your housing for VASI.  Please be on the lookout for this email, and let us know if you have any questions.  We’ll follow up with a reminder as well.


Whenever possible, VASI students will be assigned a roommate who is also in the VASI program, and will receive their roommate assignments via email the week the program begins. All rooms in Warren Towers are double rooms.

If you know someone else who is attending VASI and you would like to be roommates together, please email buvasi@bu.edu to let us know.  We must hear from both potential roommates in order to approve a roommate request.

Travel Arrangements

If you’ll be flying into Logan Airport, please book your flights so that you can arrive on campus between noon and 2pm on Sunday, July 2nd. Travel from the airport to campus takes between 30-60 minutes depending on traffic. We are unable to provide any accommodations or supervision for students prior to the check-in time.  Boston University does not provide transportation to campus, but taxis are easily available from all airport terminals and cost approximately $30.  Another option is to reserve the Super Shuttle.

Leave Requests

Residential students are required to participate in all classes and extracurricular activities during VASI. However, we understand that VASI students may have friends or family in the Boston area that they would like to see while they are here.  Any residential student who has plans to leave campus needs to have their parent or guardian fill out the VASI Leave Request form with at least 48 hours notice and send it to buvasi@bu.edu or by fax to 617 353 7217.

All Commuter Students should plan on attending Orientation on Sunday, July 2nd.  Orientation will begin at 2pm, and Commuter students will be able to leave by 6pm. We recommend coming to campus via the T if possible–the closest stop is BU East on the B branch of the Green Line. There will also be metered parking available in the area.

Commuter students will be receiving an email shortly with information on transportation and parking, and a sign-up form for evening and weekend events. Commuter students are welcome to attend all evening and weekend events, but will be able to opt out of some of them if they have other commitments at home.

Convenience Points

Commuter students have the option to sign up for Convenience Points to use in the BU dining halls. These points will be added to the student’s ID card and are able to be used as cash at many campus dining facilities.  A signed form and a check for $25 is required to set up an account. We will have Convenience Points forms available during VASI check-in–unfortunately, the form is not available online.

Leave Requests and Absences

Commuter students are required to participate in all daytime classes during VASI. Certain evening events (critiques, etc) will also be required.  Any commuter student who has a pre-planned need to miss a required class should have their parent or guardian fill out the VASI Leave Request form with at least 48 hours notice and send it to buvasi@bu.edu or by fax to 617 353 7217.

Boston University does not require international students attending VASI to provide any special paperwork or documentation; international VASI students are not required to complete an I-20 form. For students who need a visa for travel to the US, a tourism/visitor visa is all that is required. We can provide a letter of invitation if needed for arranging your visa.

For travel and identification purposes, international students should carry both their passport and visa with them while traveling and during their stay in Boston.

Letter of Agreement

Please return the Letter of Agreement as soon as possible so that we may reserve your space in the program.  You may mail it, or email it to buvasi@bu.edu.

VASI Letter of Agreement 2017

2017 Housing Form and Residential Life Agreement

The BU Housing application and the Residential Life Agreement will be completed online.  Residential students will receive an email at a later date with a link and directions to complete this paperwork.

Registration Forms

The following forms must be filled out by each VASI student and their parents or guardian, and returned via mail or emailed to bzerega@bu.edu.  All forms must be received by Friday, May 12th 2017.

2017 Summer Programs Health Form

The health form and immunization record should be filled out by the student’s parent or guardian (page 1 and 4) and their physician (pages 5-7).

This form includes the Massachusetts State immunization requirements that all students studying at Boston University must meet.  International students should consult with their physician to ensure that they have received all of these immunizations.  Students will be assigned a BU ID number once their paperwork has been received, so this can be left blank.

2017 Treatment Consent Form

In case of emergency, this form will allow students to receive hospital care.

2017 Parental Agreement and Release

In order to participate in the program, each VASI student’s parent/guardian must sign the Parental Consent, Waiver, and Release form. The Media Release is optional (although we do like to include students in our publications).

FitRec User Agreement

This release is required for students to use Boston University’s Fitness and Recreation Center.  VASI students are 16 and over will have the opportunity to purchase a FitRec membership for $75 during VASI check-in.

2017 VASI Bio Form

We want to learn more about you!  All students should fill out the Bio Form and also email a recent picture of themselves (selfies welcome!) to buvasi@bu.edu.

Tuition and Payment Instructions

The residential program fee including tuition, activity fee and room and board is $5,015 with the 14 meal plan or $5,162 with the 19 meal plan.  Most students find the 14 meal plan to be sufficient, as there are plenty of places for a quick breakfast or lunch on or near campus, and meals will occasionally be provided as part of evening or weekend activities.

The commuter program fee including tuition and activity fee is $3,350.  Commuter students will have the opportunity to purchase Convenience Points at the beginning of the program so that they may eat with their classmates in the dining hall.

VASI Scholarship recipients should deduct the amount of their scholarship from the total tuition amount when submitting payment.

Payment by Check

Please write the student’s full name on the check and make the check payable to Boston University.

Payment by Credit Card

If you would like to pay by credit/debit card (cards affiliated with a US bank only) contact us at buvasi@bu.edu. We will then set up an online payment link for the student’s account and send an email with the payment instructions.

International Payments

International students who are unable to pay by check or credit card have the option of paying with an international bank wire transfer–please contact buvasi@bu.edu for instructions.

The total program fee is due by Friday, May 12, 2017. Registrations that are not paid in full by this date will be withdrawn from the program.

Boston University School of Visual Arts
Visual Arts Summer Institute
855 Commonwealth Ave, Room 552
Boston, MA 02215
617 353 3371