Design (BFA)

The Design program at the School of Theatre is an intensive conservatory program with a national reputation. The goal of the program is to help students achieve professional competence. This program requires a serious commitment of time and energy from students. The program stresses collaboration and process. The School’s complex at the BU Theatre site consists of three interconnected buildings that house two theatres as well as all of the shops for creating the productions—scenery, costumes, lighting, sound—classrooms and offices for the School, and some Huntington Theatre offices. The design students and faculty all work there together, in close association with the staff for the professional theatre-in-residence—the Huntington Theatre Company—many of whom are also adjunct faculty.

Prior to entering the BFA Design & Production programs, students must complete the Design & Production Core curriculum.

Design Assignments

The School of Theatre produces three mainstage productions and four studio productions each year. Design and production students are also responsible for two designs each year for the Boston University Opera Institute. Productions are designed and built by students.

Design assignments are based on ability, number of students, and number of productions. A normal progression for a student over a four-year period would be to act first as a crew member, then as a crew head, then as an assistant designer, and finally as a designer or technical director.

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