Undergraduate Programs

Freshmen Core

All freshmen students are admitted into the Freshmen Core Curriculum.


The Acting program prepares talented and committed students for careers in the professional world of Theatre and the related media of Film and Television.

Theatre Arts

The Theatre Arts major offers unique training for students with vital theatrical sensibilities and wide-ranging interests and abilities.


The Design program at the School of Theatre is an intensive conservatory program with a national reputation.


The Production program prepares students for professional careers in the practical realization of a theatre production.

Stage Management

Stage Management students are encouraged to evolve a keen theatrical sensibility, a sound working knowledge of technical production, strong organizational skills, and an effective ability in personnel management.

Dual Degree

The Boston University Dual Degree Program permits qualified undergraduates to enroll in two of the University’s schools or colleges and earn two baccalaureate degrees simultaneously.

Study Abroad

Boston University’s Theatre program offers students the opportunity to live and study in the world’s most important cities for theatrical production and performance.


The School’s Theatre Minor and Dance Minor provides students with a balanced and diverse theatre experience.