Dance Minor

The Dance Minor is offered through the partnership of the School of Theatre and the Department of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance (PERD). The minor consists of 20 credits in dance theory, studio, and performance classes.  Read More

Advisors: Judith Chaffee and Micki Taylor-Pinney
617-353-3390 (CFA students) or 617-353-1597 (non-CFA students)

Theatre Minor

The Theatre Minor program consists of a 28-credit sequence of Theatre courses designed to provide students with a balanced and diverse theatre experience. The minor concentration follows a sequence of an 11-credit theatre core, a 7- credit dramatic literature core, and 10 credits of theatre electives. Students will choose a path of study depending on their desires to explore the disciplines of performance, dramatic literature, or design & production.  No audition is required to enroll in this program

For a complete breakdown of the academic program for Theatre Minors, please view the Boston University Academic Bulletin.

Other courses for credit require the approval of the minor advisor. With the permission of the minor advisor, students may count dramatic literature courses taken in other departments toward their Theatre minor.

For more information or to officially declare a Theatre Minor, please contact:
Advisor: Ilana M. Brownstein