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CD Orders

Download the 2013 CD Order Form and follow the instructions to complete your CD order. Over 40 performances are available, ranging from Workshop Recitals to Tanglewood on Parade in the Koussevitzky Music Shed!  If you wish to order a CD from a previous summer, please send an email with as much information as possible about the requested performance.


There are two different productions of the BUTI Summerbook. The printed Summerbook is in color and is similar to a class yearbook. There also exists a DVD available for purchase (though it will still be in production through the middle of September). This video Summerbook contains photo, video, and audio snapshots of the 2012 summer season. Pricing is listed below, and “How to Order” is at the bottom of this webpage.

    $12.00 Summerbook (print)
    $15.00 Summerbook (DVD)
    $20.00 Summerbook Combo (print + DVD)


We also have BUTI inspired merchandise available for purchase… they make great gifts! If you wish to see a photo of the product before purchase, please send us an email.

    • Style 1: “Standard” (available in bright green, bright blue, and grey)
    • Style 2: “Flourish” (available in grey)
    • Style 3: “Tree” (available in light blue, grey, purple, green, and baby blue)
  • $12.00 BUTI T-shirts

    $10.00 BUTI Tote Bag
    $10.00 BUTI Water Bottles
    $10.00 BUTI Umbrella
    $5.00 BUTI Lanyards
    $5.00 BUTI Stickers (*NEW)

How to order…

Email us at to confirm the availability of your desired items. For t-shirts, please indicate the style, color, and size. We regret our limited availability and will try our best to fill your order.

Checks should be made payable to “Boston University” and mailed to BUTI, 855 Commonwealth Avenue, 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02215. We also accept payments by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. For international shipping, please add $5.00. Proceeds from the sale support the program.

    Please note – to ensure the safety of your data, we are unable to accept credit card information via email.

College Transcripts

To order a CD from a previous summer or a college transcript, please visit our Alumni Resources section.