Bassoon Workshop

June 21, 2015 – July 4, 2015

Ages 14-20

Under the direction of Boston Symphony Orchestra bassoonist Suzanne Nelsen, the Bassoon Workshop will present a comprehensive pedagogical approach to bassoon playing and performance in a fun and relaxed environment.  Directors will work with individuals in private lessons and master classes working on solo repertoire, orchestral excerpts, and chamber music with the goal of exploring every aspect of being a bassoonist as well as preparing individuals for future auditions. Daily class sessions will cover a variety of topics:  technique, musicality, orchestral excerpts and chamber playing.  Reed classes will cover blank-making and reed adjustment.

One work that will be discussed in detail is the Mozart Concerto (all movements with particular focus on the 1st movement for mock auditions.)

A variety of excerpts will also be addressed in class.  These include principal parts as well as first and second orchestra parts.  These are very important bassoon excerpts for every bassoonist to know and have ready for auditions. Examples of these excerpts are as follows:

  • Mozart – Symphony No. 35 – last movement
  • Ravel – Bolero
  • Mozart – Marriage of Figaro – entire overture
  • Tchaikovsky – Symphony #4 – 1st and 2nd movements
  • Tchaikovsky – Symphony #5 – 1st and 3rd movements
  • Stravinsky – Pulcinella – entire work
  • Tchaikovsky – Symphony #6 – 1st movement (first part) and 3rd and 4th movements (second parts)
  • Brahms – Symphony #4, 2nd movement, both parts
  • Beethoven – Symphony #9 – last movement, both parts
  • Dukas – Sorcerer’s Apprentice – whole part, both parts

Mock auditions will focus on how to successfully present a performance of standard repertoire and orchestral excerpts.  Master classes by guest artists will compliment the daily classes.

Students will receive individual coaching time with an accompanist in preparation for master classes as well as a student solo and ensemble workshop recital.