FAQ – General

Concert, ticket, and parking information

Here is more information on our concert schedule, tickets, and parking.

Is BUTI the same as the Tanglewood Music Center

BUTI and the Tanglewood Music Center (TMC) are separate programs. The TMC is a college-age program and is run by the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO), while BUTI is a pre-college program directed by Boston University. This said, BUTI students are given access to all BSO and TMC concerts as part of the program and have the opportunity to study with BSO and alongside TMC musicians in a variety of settings. Further, many rehearsals and concert performances happen on the Tanglewood main grounds (about a mile away from the BUTI campus). This close proximity and access to the BSO and TMC allows BUTI students the opportunity to experience all the facets of Tanglewood.

What information should I have for my student who is attending?

Please visit the Accepted Students portion of our website here for information on rules and regulations, to download necessary forms, and get answers to many of your questions.

How do I order a CD recording

You may download a CD Order Form from last summer at Shop BUTI. Please contact BUTI directly if you would like to order a CD from a previous summer. Most recordings are available from 2001 and later.

How do I order a transcript

Students should contact the Office of the Registrar for a transcript. If a university or college has additional requirements to receive college credit other than an official transcript, please contact BUTI directly.

What are the age restrictions for BUTI?

BUTI’s two-week workshops are for students ages 14-20. The young artists programs offer admission to students ages 14-19, as long as the student has not yet enrolled and started coursework in a post-secondary degree program (such as a college or conservatory). This means that students are eligible for the summer after they graduate high school, before they begin college classes. If a student is taking part-time college-level classes while in high school, they are still eligible as long as their full-time enrollment is at the high school level. Students under the age of 14 will be considered for admission but are not permitted to reside on BUTI’s campus.

Is BUTI in Boston or is it at Tanglewood in Lenox? Which airport should I fly into?

All BUTI programs take place in Lenox, Massachusetts, about 130 miles west of Boston. During the academic year, BUTI offices and staff are located in Boston. The closest airport to BUTI is in Albany, New York.

What information is available for international students?

Because BUTI students are not attending Boston University at a full-time status, they will not receive a Boston University issued I-20 and will not have to apply for an F-1 student visa. Students must only secure appropriate travel documentation to the United States that covers the date range of their attendance and should enter the United States as a visitor. A letter of invitation will be issued to accepted international students to aid in the process of gaining visitor status to enter the United States. Although there is no required TOEFL, all students must have a working understanding of the English language.