FAQ – The Application & Admissions Process

Acceptd, the service which hosts BUTI’s admissions application, boasts an excellent technical support team. Technical assistance can be accessed through the HELP tab within the BUTI online application. If you run into continued trouble with the online application or with requesting support from Acceptd, please contact BUTI at tanglewd@bu.edu. If you have already submitted your application and you simply need to change a portion of the already submitted application, please contact us at tanglewd@bu.edu. We can often help you directly with this type of issue.

Unless a special exception is made and approved in advance, enrolled students are expected to attend the entire duration of their program(s). Short leaves, typically only a few days, are approved on a case-by-case basis by BUTI administration and faculty. Program durations are listed here and on individual program pages.

Please send all materials related to admissions to the following address:  BUTI / 855 Commonwealth Avenue / Boston, MA 02215

The application deadline is a received-by deadline and will mark the beginning of the review process. Late applications will be accepted but will only be reviewed if space permits. We encourage you to submit your application by the deadline to guarantee full consideration for our programs.

BUTI will accept a late letter of recommendation if it is submitted slightly after the deadline, and this will not count against you during the admissions process.

The audition is the largest factor in determining admissions. Supplementary materials and additional recommendations are not necessary.

Live and recorded auditions are reviewed equally with no preference given to either method of audition. You may not, however, audition live and then also submit a recording. Click here for more information about auditions.

Admission decisions will be released by March 1, 2018. Applicants are notified by email of both the admission and scholarship award (if applicable) at the same time, so it is important for applicants to complete their scholarship form at the same time as their admissions application.

Applying for or receiving scholarship does not affect the admissions decision in any way.

Every year a waiting list for admission is created in the event an accepted applicant cannot attend. Those wait listed applications are notified of this status when admissions decisions are emailed to all applicants. The waiting list exists up to and through the start of the summer season. Because it is difficult to estimate the likelihood of being admitted from the waiting list, BUTI does not release students’ position on the waiting list. If you wish to withdraw from this list, please email or call immediately so opportunities can be granted to other qualified applicants.

All applicants are encouraged to seek assistance through local organizations and/or a benefit concert. Even if you have been declined financial aid with your admissions decision, it is still possible to receive aid before the program starts due to new funds being generated or funds being redistributed from financial aid recipients not attending. Please notify our office if there are any updates or changes to your financial status that BUTI should be made aware of.

A late application may be submitted, but it will only be reviewed if space permits. If the enrollment process for a particular program is not complete, BUTI will often review a late application equally against other applicants.



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