Please review the Audition Repertoire for your instrument or program.

Each year, approximately half of all BUTI applicants provide a live audition and half provide a recorded audition. There is no preference for live vs. recorded auditions, and both methods are accepted and reviewed equally by the Institute. Applicants should not, however, submit a recorded audition if they are auditioning live.

The following requirements should be noted before continuing:

  • Vocalists must provide their own accompanists (for live or recorded auditions).
  • All instrumentalists are strongly encouraged to audition without accompaniment.
  • Composers should not sign up for a live audition, nor should they upload scores to the digital application. Physical copies of scores must be mailed to BUTI at 855 Commonwealth Ave, Boston MA 02215.
  • Harpists and percussionists do not have a live audition option; they must submit a video recorded audition instead of an audio-only recording.
  • For all other applicants providing a recorded audition, they are strongly encouraged to provide a video audition rather than an audio-only audition.