Application Deadline Passed: The application deadline of TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2014 has passed. Late applicants must notify BUTI Administration to request a deadline extension. All late applications will be reviewed at the discretion of the Institute.

The online admissions application is hosted by DecisionDesk. All applicants to BUTI must complete this application, even if they have completed a brief form/questionnaire when signing up for a live audition.

Before beginning or continuing your digital application to BUTI, please review the following:

  • When you click the ‘BUTI 2014 Digital Application’ link, you will be taken to a login page hosted by our application server, DecisionDesk. From there, you will be prompted to create a DecisionDesk user account so that you may proceed to the BUTI 2014 Application.
  • The user account information that you provide (email and password) will allow you to save your work and return to the application at a later time. This is helpful if you want to begin the application before completing your audition recording (or live audition sign-up).
  • Please note that BUTI staff does not have access to your user account information. If you forget your password or have trouble logging in, the DecisionDesk support team can assist you—just click the appropriate link on the login page and follow the instructions to create a new password for your already existing account OR click the red Help tab on the left-hand side of the screen to message or engage in a live chat with a DecisionDesk representative. Please DO NOT start another application, as it can lead to inaccurate processing of your materials.
  • A digital audition upload is part of this online application for those applicants who do not sign up for a live audition.
  • A scholarship section is included within this digital application. Admissions decisions AND scholarship decisions are made at the same time, so it is important for all applicants interested in scholarship or financial aid to complete this section to the best of their ability.

BUTI 2014 Digital Application