Scholarship and Financial Aid

Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards from BUTI

All scholarship and financial aid awards provided by the Boston University Tanglewood Institute are contingent upon participation of ALL programs to which you have applied and been accepted. On a case-by-case basis, awards will be returned to BUTI if the recipient fails to meet all of the requirements of their enrolled program(s). This includes adhering to the start and end dates of your enrolled program(s) (unless having received prior approval from the BUTI Administration). This also includes students that withdraw from the program.

Students that are dismissed from the Institute will forfeit their award and receive an invoice for the total cost of attendance.


Scholarship Reconsideration

The Institute makes every effort to assist as many students as possible. If you would like to appeal the amount of your award you received from BUTI or your financial situation has changed, please send us an email as soon as possible. While we cannot guarantee an increase in your award, making us aware that you are seeking additional funds is better to do sooner rather than later.


Fundraising Recommendations

Whether raising funds to cover tuition or airfare, students are encouraged to contact community organizations, churches, local music societies, and high school booster clubs for assistance. Some organizations are happy to support fundraising efforts in exchange for performances at a meeting, service, or special event. Personal contact is strongly recommended. When this is not possible, students are encouraged to write a professional, personalized letter addressed to the president, or leader, of the organization.

Benefit recitals have also helped alumni raise the funds necessary to pursue their summer study at Tanglewood. Churches and school auditoriums can typically be rented at little or no cost. Instead of selling tickets, a donation basket may be placed at the door so your patrons may choose the amount of their gift. Remember, every donation, large or small, will help you reach your fundraising goal!

Most importantly, demonstrate your gratitude: send a personalized, hand-written thank you note to each of your donors. You should keep a record of the donor’s address from their check before depositing it into a bank account.


Receiving Scholarship, Donations, and Awards from Outside Sources

You have a few options when deciding how to keep track of your outside donations and awards. Donors can send their contributions directly to BUTI. Checks should be made payable to Boston University; the memo should include your name and instrument. If the donor’s check is not clearly labeled, we cannot guarantee that the contribution will be applied to your student account. We will send you an email notification that a contribution was made on your behalf.

Students may consider opening a bank account specifically for financing their summer at BUTI. Be sure to include “BUTI” or “Tanglewood” when labeling your account. Confirm with you bank that donors are able to send their contributions directly to the account. Lastly, please remember to only disclose your account number to well-trusted parties.