International Student Overview

Congratulations on your offer of admission to the Boston University Tanglewood Institute!

Quick Reminder – Lifebook and Housing Forms

All students MUST read the Student Lifebook and complete the Housing Form Packet (due May 16).

Visa Information

BUTI has been advised by Boston University’s International Students & Scholars Office (ISSO) that individuals participating in the Tanglewood Institute do not qualify for F-1 or J-1 student visa sponsorship due to the short-term vocational nature of their visit. International students should instead enter the U.S. in visitor status. Boston University will not issue an I-20 for students participating in the Tanglewood Institute.

Upon arrival at the Tanglewood Institute, International Students must meet with Jonathan Cole, Program Manager, to complete check-in procedures. At this time, students will present their passport, visa(s), as well as any documents supporting current study in the U.S. (other than at the Tanglewood Institute). As students enter the U.S., they should also be sure they receive an entry stamp, even if crossing the U.S.-Canadian border. If an entry stamp is not present, the student will need to present an I-94 (retrievable online via the US Customs and Border Protection website).

Travel Information

Airports and Airport Shuttles: BUTI strongly encourages booking flights to and from Albany International Airport (ALB) located in Upstate New York whenever possible. Albany International Airport is the closest airport to BUTI and the ONLY airport served by the BUTI Shuttle Bus. If students would like to take advantage of the BUTI Shuttle Bus, they should coordinate their flights with the shuttle schedule detailed in the Transportation Section of the BUTI Student Life Housing Form Packet. A member of the Student Life staff will greet students on their check-in or registration day at Albany International Airport if they have signed up and paid for the BUTI Shuttle Bus.

Please note that major international airports in New York City and Boston, Massachusetts are further away from BUTI and ARE NOT served by the BUTI Shuttle Bus service. If a student’s flight is booked for ANY airport other than Albany International, he or she is responsible for arranging independent transportation to and from the BUTI campus in Lenox.

International Students of the Piano Program should arrange their flights according to the BUTI Albany Shuttle schedule where possible (on June 30 and/or August 10), but must call and speak with the BUTI Transportation Manager after June 1, at 413-637-2670, to discuss shuttle transportation options for July 20 or July 21.

Early Arrival to Campus is NOT ALLOWED: Students MAY NOT check in early on campus, nor may they stay on campus before the Registration Day detailed in the Lifebook. Often, International Students find it most convenient to arrive the day or evening before their scheduled check-in/registration day. In this case, we encourage students to stay overnight at an Albany Airport hotel and take a scheduled BUTI Shuttle Bus to campus on their scheduled check-in/registration day that following morning. Albany hotel options can be found by visiting the following web page:

Late Departure: Ordinarily students may not stay on campus after the end of their academic program. They must depart according to the Move-Out Schedule provided in the Lifebook. However, if there is a hardship in departing by the scheduled move-out time, please request permission to stay from Mike Westberry, the Director of Student Life and Operations. He can be contacted at If it is possible for the student to stay late given the special circumstances, she will approve the request. Unfortunately, it is not possible to grant every request. Please note that if a request is approved for a late departure, the student will usually have to arrange independent travel back to the airport.