Seating Auditions – YAWE

Seating Auditions will take place on Monday, June 30. Specific times and locations will be available at registration. The faculty will make seating decisions and, while every attempt will be made to give students a variety of experiences over the course of the summer, there is no guarantee that everyone will have a chance to play a first/principal part.

Preparation of auxiliary parts (piccolo, English horn, Eb Clarinet, etc.) is strongly encouraged, though not required if you do not have access to an auxiliary instrument. If you own an auxiliary instrument, you are encouraged (though not required) to bring it with you. Even if you do not own an auxiliary instrument, you should try and bring any auxiliary instrument reeds you are comfortable with. BUTI will provide a rental auxiliary instrument for any student that is selected to perform on an auxiliary instrument that does not have one. Please remember that any student attending this Young Artists program may be asked to perform on an auxiliary instrument, regardless of their previous experience on the instrument.


In addition to the excerpts below, you should also prepare one solo selection of your choosing.





All percussion players must prepare one solo selection of their choice on each of the following instruments: snare drum, timpani, and mallets. While there are no excerpts to accompany these solo preparations for seating auditions, students are encouraged to review this summer’s repertoire prior to arrival.