Scholarship awards are based on merit, financial need, and program need.

Any student applying for scholarship must complete the final section of the digital application, even if only applying for a merit-based award. Those applying for non-merit-based awards must also provide the family’s or individual’s summary pages from their most recently completed taxes (or a form with equivalent financial information) from either 2014 or 2013. All responses within the scholarship section of the digital application, as well as all tax forms, must be delivered in U.S. Dollars.

Students will be notified of admission and scholarship decisions in the same email.

The Institute makes every effort to assist as many students as possible. In addition to funds available through the Institute, each student is urged to inquire about financial assistance offered by community organizations, high school booster clubs, local music societies, as well as outside scholarships and grants. Benefit recitals have also helped alumni raise the funds necessary to pursue their summer study at Tanglewood.