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  • The admissions application is hosted by Acceptd. The application deadline is January 29, 2017. Late applications will be reviewed on a space-available basis.
  • One recommendation is required. The application will collect your recommender’s name and contact information and will solicit your recommendation from this person upon submission of your application.
  • If you would like to apply for scholarship, you may do so within the admissions application.
  • If you are also applying to a degree program at BU School of Music, you may opt to utilize your BU School of Music audition for BUTI admissions purposes. You must, however, still fill out the BUTI admissions application.
  • Your application is not complete until the $80 application fee is paid. If you’re a current BU student, you qualify for a reduced application fee of $30 when applying for a two-week workshop! After you’ve filled out your application and you’re ready to submit, contact us to get your reduced application fee.
  • For technical assistance or if you forget your user name and password, please contact the Acceptd support team from the login page of the online application. BUTI administration does not have access to user’s login information.

  • There is no preference given to either recorded or live auditions. Both methods are accepted and reviewed equally by BUTI.
  • BUTI recommends unaccompanied auditions for instrumental auditions. If an instrumentalist chooses to use a pianist for their audition, however, they will not be penalized. Vocalists are required to audition with piano accompaniment. BUTI does not provide accompanists.
  • Harp and percussion applicants must audition with a recorded audition and should not schedule a live audition.

Recorded Auditions

  • Video recordings are strongly preferred to audio recordings.
  • Harp and percussion applicants must audition with a recorded audition and should not schedule a live audition.
  • Your recorded audition may be submitted in either one long video file or in multiple video files. BUTI does not require or prefer one method or the other.
  • Your recorded audition video(s) will be uploaded to your admissions application.

Live Auditions

  • You must submit your application before you can schedule a live audition. Please submit your application in plenty of time to schedule an audition at your preferred location.
  • We are holding live auditions at the following locations:

Ft. Lauderdale, FL | January 7, 2017

Florida Youth Orchestra
Nova Southeast University, University School
3375 SW 75th Ave
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314

Houston, TX | January 8, 2017

University of Houston, Moores School of Music, Room 160
3333 Cullen Blvd
Houston, TX 77204

Los Angeles, CA | January 11, 2017

The Colburn School, Mayman Hall
200 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012

San Francisco, CA | January 13, 2017

San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Osher Salon
50 Oak St
San Francisco, CA 94102

Chicago, IL | January 16, 2017

Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra, Fine Arts Building, Curtiss Hall
410 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60605

Seattle, WA | January 21, 2017

University of Washington, School of Music, Room 219
2012 Skagit Ln
Seattle, WA 98105

Boston, MA | January 21-22, 2017

Boston University, College of Fine Arts, Marshall Room
855 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02215

Portland, OR | January 22, 2017

Portland Piano Company
711 SW 14th Ave
Portland, OR 97205

Washington, DC | January 24, 2017

Levine Music, Lang Hall
2801 Upton St NW
Washington, DC 20008

Winston-Salem, NC | January 27, 2017

University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Gray Building, Room 123
1533 S Main St
Winston-Salem, NC 27127

Montgomery, AL | January 28, 2017

Huntingdon College
1500 E Fairview Ave
Montgomery, AL 36106

New York City, NY | January 28-29, 2017

Nola Rehearsal Studios, Studio C
250 W 54th Street
New York City, NY 10019

BUTI faculty are not present at live auditions. Live auditions are proctored by BUTI senior administration. Auditions are also video recorded for additional review by BUTI faculty.

On the day of your live audition, please arrive early if possible. If you anticipate that parking might be difficult, please call the venue ahead of time for parking recommendations. Some locations offer warm up spaces, but not all, so we recommend you arrive warmed up and ready to perform. Audition slots are ten minutes each. If your instrument requires excerpts to be played, you will play those in full. The adjudicator may ask you to perform only a portion of your repertoire selections in the effort to hear all your offerings. Vocalists typically sing the entirely of  both selections, time permitting. You may perform your excerpts (if applicable) and repertoire in any order you wish.

  • For technical assistance, please contact the Acceptd support team from the login page of the online application.
  • View the frequently asked questions for answers to common questions about the application process.
  • As always, contact us if you need any further assistance!


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