Boston University Tanglewood Institute

Set the standard.

52 years and 10,000 alumni strong, we’re a leader in the field. We’re a program of Boston University College of Fine Arts and affiliated with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Tanglewood Music Center. With those resources at our fingertips, you can expect an unforgettable experience, but it goes even deeper than that. For many, we’re a summer of exploration and discovery. And for some, we’re the pivotal moment when a student dares to pursue a life in the arts.

Think outside the box.

At BUTI, we’re one of a kind, and so are you. As a BUTI student, you become a part of the Tanglewood continuum—a rich community of artists like no other. From your peer musicians in training, to teachers who inspire, to the rock stars in the field, the collective learning and aspirations of every musician are fueled by the synergy of a world-class university and major symphony orchestra. That’s what makes BUTI extraordinary. Are you ready to take the next step? Learn more about our programs.

Are you ready? Join the legacy.