About the Participants

About the Speakers


  • Caryl Clark, “Haydn’s Conversion Masses”
  • Evan Cortens, “The ‘Continuous Exposition’ in Haydn’s String Quartets”
  • Stephen C. Fisher, “How Did Haydn Use His Hornists?”
  • Ingrid Fuchs, “Haydn/Landon”
  • Edward Green, “Chromatic Completion—A Little Appreciated Technical Link Connecting the Operas of Gluck, Haydn, and Mozart”
  • Benjamin Korstvedt, “The Fate of Haydn’s ‘Sham Recapitulations’ in the 1780s: Refining and Extending a Critical Category”
  • Jessica Waldoff, “Beyond the ‘Chaos’: Understanding Haydn’s ‘C-Minor Mood’”
  • David Wyn Jones, “Converting Symphonies Into String Quartets: Haydn’s Forgotten Quartets”