BU Dual Degree Program and Intra University Transfer

Information for students transferring into CFA

Dual Degree   (for students outside of CFA)

Sophomores who have achieved a 3.0 GPA or higher may be eligible to complete a dual degree between CFA and another college at BU. Students must meet with the dual degree advisor in the CFA Dean’s Office as well as an academic representative of the secondary college to plan an appropriate schedule. The Dual Degree Program is a rigorous course of study, necessitating superior time-management skills. The program typically requires five years to complete; however, students may shorten this time by using transfer credits, AP and IB scores, and semester course overloads.

Intra University Transfer

A 2.0 GPA is required to be artistically evaluated for transfer into CFA.

Application Deadlines

The College of Fine Arts offers auditions and portfolio reviews at specific times throughout the year. In order to transfer the following semester, students MUST complete their artistic evaluation no later than one month in advance of the start of classes.

Application Procedure & Artistic Evaluation

If you are interested in studying at the College of Fine Arts, you will need to audition or have a portfolio review to be considered for transfer (for both intra university transfer and dual degree program).

To start the process, please fill out an interest form. Once you complete this form, someone from the school will contact you regarding your audition or portfolio review.

Artistic Evaluation Contacts

School of Music: Michael Champ
School of Theatre – Performance: Paolo DiFabio
School of Theatre – Design and Production: Jon Savage
School of Visual Arts: Jeannette Guillemin

Required Paperwork   (for students artistically admitted to the College of Fine Arts)

Once you have been artistically admitted (successful evaluation of audition or portfolio) you will work closely with Alyssa Baker, Director of Student Services in the Dean’s Office to complete paperwork and update your record.