Special Programs for Undergraduates

BU Dual Degree Program

All information and the application form for this program can be found in the Boston University Bulletin.

The BU Dual Degree program between CFA and another college at BU is open to sophomores who have achieved a GPA of 3.0 or higher. The Dual Degree Program is a focused course of study, necessitating superior time-management skills. The program may require more than eight semesters to complete; however, students may shorten this time by using transfer credits, AP and IB scores, and semester course overloads.

CFA/CAS Double Degree Program

Entering students can earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts or a Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Arts degree simultaneously through the CFA/CAS Double Degree Program. This program allows highly motivated students to earn two degrees in the majors of their choice from both the College of Fine Arts and the College of Arts & Sciences.  Applicants must meet all of the admissions requirements for the College of Fine Arts and the College of Arts & Sciences. Interested applicants may contact us for more information.

Combined Programs (Bachelor’s/ Master’s in Five Years)

School of Visual Arts The BFA/MA Program makes it possible for ocused and organized undergraduate students to combine the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, majoring in a studio area (painting, sculpture, or graphic design) with the Master of Arts in Studio Teaching degree, completing both courses of study in five years. Students who choose this option have the advantage of an exceptionally strong studio background, as well as a Master of Arts degree that includes all requirements for teaching certification. For more information, contact Jeanette Guillemin, Assistant Director, School of Visual Arts.

School of Music The School of Music offers a five-year program that makes it possible to earn the Bachelor of Music in Performance and the Master of Music in Music Education within five years. Students in the program experience all of the coursework and performance opportunities afforded to performance majors, and undergraduate and graduate coursework in music education, including a student teaching internship. For more information, contact Dr. Diana Dansereau, Department of Music Education.

Kilachand Honors College

Being a Kilachand Honors College student means joining a community of exceptional peers and distinguished faculty engaged in research, invention, and creative activity. Students complete all of the degree requirements for their majors while following a multidisciplinary course of study throughout their four years. Completion of the four-year Honors College curriculum satisfies general education requirements for students in the College of Fine Arts. To learn more, visit the Kilachand Honors College website or contact us via email.